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    • What is MinnAqua?
      MinnAqua is a fishing and aquatic education program. We partner with community organizations, schools and angling groups that want to teach adults or youth how to fish and protect aquatic habitat.
      Here to help you promote fishing and conservation
      MinnAqua education specialists can help your organization develop or improve education programs that promote fishing recreation and aquatic conservation. 
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      Our Fishing: Get in the Habitat! leader’s guide helps you introduce kids to fishing, address Minnesota academic standards and engage kids with learning that is relevant, interdisciplinary and fun!
      The MinnAqua leader’s guide has 39 detailed, beautifully illustrated fishing and aquatic education lessons and activities. You can also download full curriculum or lessons.
      To request a hard copy of a sample lesson and invertebrate identification key from the Leader's Guide, please contact Cassandra Hawkenson.
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