• Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt $1,000 Prize!
    • Edison Innovation Foundation invites you to participate in the Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt to win a grand prize! The questions will be broken up into three categories. Only one winner for each!
      Ages: Up to 14 - questions 1-20
      Prize $250 Apple Gift Card
      Ages: 15-18 -  questions 1-30
      Prize $500 Apple Gift Card
      Ages: 18+ questions 1-40
      Prize $1,000 Apple GiftCard
      Questions will be released on September 26th on our social media platforms including: thomasedison.organd facebook.com/ThomasEdison.
      You will have two weeks to complete and the answers must be submitted to info@thomasedison.org by October 10th.
      Contestants may use only Edison Innovation Foundation Social Media Platforms to find answers, i.e.: 
      •	thomasedison.org
      •	edisonmuckers.org
      •	Facebook: Thomas Edison
      •	Instagram: thomasedison1847
      A more detailed description of the Rules will be released with the questions on September 26th.
      Stay Tuned and Good Luck!
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    • https://www.thomasedison.org/
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    • 9/12/2017
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