• Interested in starting a Teen Science Café? Find out how!
    • What is a Teen Science Café?
      Teen Science Café out-of-school programs are a free, fun way for teens to explore the big advances in science and technology affecting their lives. Teens and STEM experts engage in lively conversations and activities to explore a topic deeply.
      What is the Teen Science Café Network?
      We are a community of practice providing the highest quality resources and support to organizations who implement a teen science café. Our members are committed to help one another and continually improve the teen science café experiences and their impacts.
      Small Grant Program
      The Teen Science Café Network is a growing community that creates opportunities for teens to learn from leading experts about how science and technology is changing their world. Network Members support and freely share their expertise with others starting a Teen Science Café.
      We have established a small grant program for new Member organizations that are starting a Teen Science Café. We are able to provide up to $3000 in seed money to 6-8 new Member organizations in need of assistance in getting started this year.
      Contact us for more information on resources and how to apply for the grant!
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